Senior Lead Teaching Fellows

Senior Lead Teaching Fellows (SLTFs) are returning LTFs who serve as mentors to assigned cohorts of incoming Lead Teaching Fellows, help CTL with program strategy and administration, and run interdisciplinary CTLgrads Learning Communities.

Benefits Expectations Support Recent SLTF Learning Communities

Apply now to be a 2024-25 SLTF!

CTL is accepting applications for 2024-25 Senior Lead Teaching Fellows through Friday, May 10. All former LTFs are eligible. Access application here

2023-24 SLTFs

Ana DiGiovanni


Ryan Golant


Jennifer Mead


Jilian Pizzi


Garima Raheja

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Kelsey Reeder

Social Work

McKenzie Sup

Biomedical Engineering


Senior Lead Teaching Fellowships are available to LTF alums in years 3 – 7 of their doctoral program (or years 2 – 3 in an MFA program). A call for applications goes out in May, shortly after the year’s cohort of LTFs complete their fellowship. CTL reviews SLTF applications and arranges in-person interviews for select candidates.

The SLTF fellowship provides unique experience with:

  • mentoring an interdisciplinary group of Lead Teaching Fellows, individually and as a group
  • conceiving, developing, and running an interdisciplinary learning community, in collaboration with a fellow SLTF 
  • strategizing, administering, and assessing in the context of a large, campus-wide program


SLTFs serve as mentors to LTFs during the year, oversee LTF deliverables, co-lead CTL-designed workshops, and co-facilitate learning communities. SLTFs are expected to devote approximately 80 hours over the academic year to the program. Specific SLTF activities and deliverables consist of the following:

Lead Teaching Fellows mentorship and supervision (50 hours across the academic year)

  • Planning meetings with CTL Assistant Directors
  • LTF meeting facilitation
  • Mentoring LTFs during semester
  • Overseeing LTF deliverables
  • Coordinating LTF workshop visits

Co-facilitation of a Learning Community (one semester, 20 hours)

  • Collaboration with another SLTF on the design and preparation for a CTLgrads learning community. Learning communities are multi-session, interdisciplinary engagements with special topics in education.
  • Meeting with CTL Assistant Directors for support and feedback at least twice in planning the learning community
  • Facilitation of learning community sessions (two in either the fall or spring term)
  • Documenting and co-authoring report about the learning community

Supporting CTL programs for graduate students (5 hours across the academic year)

  • Assisting with the development or facilitation of TA orientation sessions, CTL events or workshops, or Teaching Development Program activities during the academic year. Assignments will be coordinated with individual SLTF schedules

End of year reflective report (5 hours)

  • Summative reflection on STLF activities, written at the end of the academic year and posted onto the LTF program worksite


Senior Lead Teaching Fellows receive a $3000 stipend from CTL for successful completion of all program activities. These activities entail approximately 80 hours across the academic year, scheduled around academic and other obligations. Stipends are disbursed in two increments, following the fall and spring semesters.

Through individual and group SLTF meetings, CTL supplies SLTFs with extensive guidance, models of mentorship and administrative processes, documentation protocols, and guidance around the design and execution of a two-part Learning Community.

CTL also provides support to SLTFs who may be interested in exploring teaching development support as a component or feature of their career after graduate school.

Recent SLTF Learning Communities

SLTFs work in pairs to design and run two-part CTLgrads Learning Communities during one semester of their fellowship. CTL forms these partnerships based on preferred scheduling and signaled interests in aspects of teaching and learning. Learning Community topics range widely; recent LCs are listed below. More details about past and current LCs are available on the CTL website.


Moving Forward Together: The Interdependence of Instructor and Student Motivation
Designed and run by Senior Lead Teaching Fellows Ryan Golant (Astronomy) and Kelsey Reeder (Social Work)

Structuring Support: Leveraging Scaffolded Assessments to Promote Student Learning
Designed and run by Senior Lead Teaching Fellows Ana DiGiovanni (Psychology) and Anya Wilkening (Music)

Teaching Across Disciplines: What Can the Grammarian, the Artist, the Historian, and the Scientist Learn from Each Other?
Designed and run by Senior Lead Teaching Fellows Jilian Pizzi (Italian) and McKenzie Sup (Biomedical Engineering)

Teaching Beyond the Classroom
Designed and run by Senior Lead Teaching Fellows Jennifer Mead (Astronomy) and Garima Raheja (Earth and Environmental Sciences)


Beyond Participation: Inclusive Perspectives on Student Engagement and Feedback
Designed and run by Senior Lead Teaching Fellows Tamara Hache (LAIC) and Laura DiNardo (Italian)

Making Sense of the Classroom: Strategies of Sensory Teaching and Learning
Designed and run by Senior Lead Teaching Fellows Tomi Haxhi and Elaine Wilson (Slavic Languages)

Teaching and Learning While Feeling like an Imposter
Designed and run by Senior Lead Teaching Fellows Jacob Bergquist (Industrial Engineering and Operations Research) and Bovey Rao (Neurobiology and Behavior)

“Would You Ever Teach This?” Difficult Knowledge and Inclusive Teaching in the Classroom
Designed and run by Senior Lead Teaching Fellows Valerie Hsieh (Physics) and Valeria Spacciante (Classics)


Interdisciplinary Classrooms & Diverse Student Learning Goals
Designed and run by Senior Lead Teaching Fellows Jonathan Lambert (Earth and Environmental Sciences) and Andrew Richmond (Philosophy)

Teaching with Embodied Knowledge: Objects, Movement, and Philosophy of Education
Designed and run by Senior Lead Teaching Fellows Emily FitzGerald (Religion) and Y. L. Lucy Wang (Art History and Archaeology)

TILTing Authority: Hierarchy and Boundaries in the Classroom
Designed and run by Senior Lead Teaching Fellow Skye Savage (Germanic Languages) and Senior Teaching Assessment Fellow Abby Schroering (Theater)

Why Assign Essays? Teaching Academic Writing as a Space for Critical Thinking & Linguistic Experimentation
Designed and run by Senior Lead Teaching Fellows Isabella Livorni (Italian) and Sonja Wermager (Music)